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Green Ray International Real Gold Plan

Through this plan a customer can buy 24 carat gold or fine silver coins at current market price with 41% additional charge (Tax + Making charge) from company by giving the same denomination as monthly instalments for 2 yrs, 3yrs or 4 yrs as per the customer acceptance. If customer wants to sale same gold/silver coins to us then company will purchase with higher rate as per the table given below.

Rules & Regulations

Scheme Opening

  • To open this plan, customer must apply the application form of this plan.
  • Company will charge Rs.20/- per scheme which is not refundable.
  • The company reserves the right to accept or reject any application for opening the scheme without assigning any reason.
  • The denomination of minimum purchase amount is Rs. 300/- per month.
  • The purchase amount of every month is must be same.

Nominee's Benefits

  • Company will purchase gold and silver from the nominee after the death of the scheme holder and all the terms and conditions which were applied to the scheme holder will also be same for the nominee.
  • If nominee is minor, insolvent or no longer alive then legal heir will trade with us as like scheme holder.

Scheme Closing

  • Scheme benefits are depending on his/her denomination of purchase amount.
  • . In this plan, if a customer cannot purchase regularly as per him/her accepted denomination up to the declared tenure, then his plan will be declared as “default plan” and at the time of scheme closing, purchase price will be determined by company’s own discretion.
  • Scheme holder cannot demand to close the scheme before closing date of scheme.
  • If applicants are minor, then appointee’s signature is needed and if appointee is absent, total scheme is responsible for the agent.


In case of any customer sales same gold/silver coins to company on 50% credit and the company will retain this credit amount for payment till scheme closing. But the customer have an option to purchase same quantity of gold/silver coins on the same price on which he/she sale to us before the scheme closing date only paying 50% of such purchase and another 50% is adjusted with his/her credit amount which is retained by the company. All Trading transaction must have inclusive of local state VAT.

[All dispute transactions are subject to jurisdiction of court, only at the place where the registered office of the company is situated]

Tenure Scheme Closing Benefit in %
24 months
After 25 months
36 months
After 37 months
48 months
After 49 months